The Vodafone eSIM Premiere with the Apple Watch Series 4

The SIM card that we all know today has its days numbered. The eSIM format is not new, but its implementation at the global level is getting closer every day, and today Vodafone has taken the first step to achieve it.

The company has announced the arrival of Vodafone OneNumber, a digital service that will replace the physical SIM that we are so afraid of losing, and that will allow us to have the same number with their corresponding services on more than one device, and simultaneously.

One of the great advantages of enjoying an eSIM is that we can take our phone number wherever we want, no matter what device we have. This Vodafone service allows you to maintain an operational telephone number in 4 different devices, such as wearables, smartphones and even smart speakers with access to calls.

The management of calls, reception of messages, contacts and all types of personal information, will be done in a synchronized manner as we synchronize email on our devices, so that at no time will we lose calls or messages to pass from one team to another.

The news of the Vodafone eSIM comes after the announcement of the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 4. The new Apple smartwatch will include a version with 4G LTE connectivity that will allow you to make and receive calls without having to be paired with an iPhone. The secret is in the eSIm that includes, an element where Vodafone will offer support with its OneNumber (Orange will also have its corresponding service as you can see on the Apple website).

The Apple Watch Series 4 will be the first device in the Vodafone catalog that will debut the Vodafone OneNumber, a very suitable device for the introduction of this technology, since it will help to understand the concept of having a second device with total freedom and dependence on the phone to which it is linked.

Anyway, although Vodafone ensures that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be the first device compatible with the service, we must bear in mind that the Watch Series 3 with LTE will also be available in Spain (soon), so the new version will not be the only one to try the eSIM. We must also pay attention to the arrival of the new iPhone XR and iPhone XS, also compatible with eSIM and that could embrace the arrival of Vodafone OneNumber immediately.

All those interested in enjoying the advantages of Vodafone OneNumber will be able to register the service completely free of charge, provided they are customers of L, XL, One L and One XL rates. The rest of customers will have to pay the amount of 5 euros per month in addition to their current rate, although during the first three months the service will be completely free. In addition, the subscription service does not require permanence, so we can request the withdrawal at any time.

In case you want to have another additional device with Vodafone OneNumber, you will have to add 5 euros more to your monthly rate to have the additional connection to that device. The total number of devices with OneNumber that Vodafone allows is a total of 4 devices.