The War With The Paparazzi Continues

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do not intend to let it go. They once again appeal to justice to preserve their privacy. The Guardian reveals that a hearing was held this Friday, December 18, after months of a legal battle against paparazzi agency Splash UK, which photographed Meghan Markle and her son Archie during a walk in a forest on Vancouver Island in January.

A spokesperson for Schillings, the law firm that represents the couple in all of their tabloid appeals, said they “have settled the legal claim they made earlier this year against the agency from paparazzi Splash UK “. An agreement has been reached between the two parties: Splash UK has agreed to “not take any photos of the Duke, Duchess and their son in the future”.

“Illegal, invasive and intrusive” behavior
“This agreement is a clear signal that the illegal, invasive and intrusive behavior of the paparazzi will no longer be tolerated, and that the couple take these issues seriously, as any family would,” said the spokesperson in the newspaper. . Before clarifying: “A concurrent and similar claim against Splash US, a subsidiary of Splash UK, is still pending in the UK court system.”

This is their seventh complaint of the year against a media company. Their last legal action dates from November 27: yet another offensive against the Daily Mail, which they accuse of defamation. Four months earlier, they had also filed a complaint against them for having disclosed their exact place of residence on two occasions. Flying over their homes with drones was also a subject of the complaint. In April, their first lawsuit against the British newspaper was held, for the publication of a private letter that Meghan Markle wrote to her father.

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