The Yemeni Central Bank Announces the Recovery of the Banknotes

In a statement published by the official Yemeni news agency, The Central Bank of Yemen announced on Saturday that it had recovered its banknotes containers after it was subjected to a robbery at the Aden Port wharf by what it called “outlaws days ago.” The bank praised the rapid movements of the coalition forces that resulted in the immediate recovery of the containers, stressing that the containers were recovered and delivered to the central bank in full and that they were officially closed.

The Central Bank of Yemen pointed out that it works with complete independence in managing monetary policy and promoting economic stability in accordance with the law, stressing that it will not allow any abuse to the bank’s reputation and professionalism or attacking everything that pertains to it and exposes the national economy to risks with such irresponsible actions, according to the report. .

The spokesperson for the Southern Transitional Council, Nizar Haitham, confirmed that the money containers were delivered to the command of the Saudi “802” duty force in the capital, Aden, as a confirmation of work under its leadership, and in the interest of these funds ..