They will Pay More than $ 25 Million to See ‘The Simpsons’

The vacancy has an extra task besides enjoying the popular animated series: it is about helping to ‘predict the future’.

It is very common in society to seek explanations for events that occur on a daily basis. One of the newer ways to do this is to refer to the animated series ‘The Simpsons’.

The reason? That the production, coincidentally, has shown moments that years later come true. An example of this was when in a chapter he said that the tycoon Donald Trump would be president of the United States, which would later happen.

Thus, it is normal to hear fans, and not so fans, of the series talk about predictions and, taking advantage of that popularity, a casino based in Malta (Europe) opened a job vacancy to find the first analyst of ‘The Simpsons’ .

In a publicity move, the Platin Casino, an Internet gambling platform, published the call for any citizen of any country.

“We are intrigued to see what 2022 brings us,” the casino said.

The offer consists of seeing the complete series of ‘The Simpsons’, the episodes of the 33 seasons and the film, and confirming whether it is possible to “predict the future.”

The job lasts 2 months and the weekly schedule must be at least 35.5 hours. The chosen one should take “notes on outstanding stories” to share with the rest of the workers.

In return, the casino will give a subsidy to the worker to pay the subscription to Disney Plus, a platform on which the series can be seen, and the internet receipt for the months. In addition, he will deliver a weekly donut box, in honor of ‘Homer’.

At the end of the job, the person will receive 5,000 pounds.


Those interested should go to the Platin Casino website (click here) and answer a registration questionnaire.

What he must answer is: name, email, date of birth, place of residence and explain why he should be chosen as the analyst of ‘The Simpsons’.

But before that, make sure that you meet the requirements that are demanded:

– Being over 18 years.

– Have an advanced level of English.

– Possess strong writing skills to accurately deliver series feedback reports.

– Have a television or a computer with internet access.

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The vacancy has an extra task besides enjoying the popular animated series: it is about helping to 'predict the future'.

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