This is How Getafe 0 – 0 Atletico has Been

With Getafe not scoring a goal against Atletico it is counted, it has not been done since 2011, not so much that Atletico does not score a goal against Getafe. 34 has made him in the interval, but each of them has a date that is not that of this last game, resolved with a tie to nothing that further tightens a championship in which the leader has been stumbling since February. He had them of all colors at the end, but the local team had Soria there (especially), with the post to the delight of Suárez and with a late and deflected head butt that spoiled the excellent time dispatched by Dembele.

Long before that Oblak couldn’t block a shot, so he allowed a second play. Maksimovic looked for the ball, but he must have been so convinced that the goalkeeper would insist on it again that he had no qualms about letting himself fall … even if he had it at half a meter. So far in fact that the midfielder still had time to get up and continue an action that ended with a deviant Chilean. Was the azulon player shown a card for faking (so badly) a penalty? No, the card that was shown was for claiming the one that was not shown, so Giménez took it. A minute later, in the extension of the first act, Savic joined the relationship inaugurated by his partner, so that the only advantage of the leader at halftime was yellow.

The rest had been rowing against the wind, because the game always left the feeling that, once the hallmarks were recovered, where there was an Atlético footballer there would be at least two from Getafe. The visiting start was apparent and took shape in a service that Correa filtered for Soria to deflect Carrasco’s shot, but it did not take long for that to drift towards absolute nothingness. Cucurella had to be treated after running over Trippier, if it is Trippier who has returned from the sanction, which physically resembles it, and from that interruption the typical Coliseum game came out in which fairness is played. Pressure here, pressure there, there was hardly any news from Simeone’s squad.

The one who in eleven had added muscle to his midfield was El Cholo, precisely: Saul for Lemar. The one who in the eleven had added talent to his midfield was Bordalás: Aleñá for Nyom, this one delayed to the position that usually belongs to Damian. At a certain point in that first act, and with all that the subsequent affirmation implies, Correa’s anarchism was the only red-and-white alternative (let’s pay attention to the usual color instead of the indescribable one that he wore), so that Getafe had achieved it. that he intended: to disconnect Suárez from the rest of the troop. The pledge to pay for it was the total absence of their own offensive news, in fact that last indecision of Oblak that led to sainete was the most dangerous action in a local key until the intermission.

The leader had to play it and Simeone played it first on Joao. To do this he dispensed with Saul, who by losing has lost even determination. The Portuguese was delayed a little more than usual to participate in the construction and Atlético tried to resist the temptation of direct play, but the consequence was a step forward for Alena and consequently Getafe. First on the counter with Hermoso at the last minute rescuing a ball with which the aforementioned was already licking his lips, then with a gift from Giménez so that Oblak had to take the shot from Ünal. The leader definitely had to play it again.

In triplicate, too. The appearance of Lodi, Lemar and Dembélé also meant the return to 4-4-2. Bordalas was reinforced with Damian taking advantage of Cucho’s injury and in what they were rearming Nyom was dispatched with a treacherous stomp that the referee was going to solve with yellow until the technology one told him that he deserved more. Much more.

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