Pfizer Research Award goes to 19 Young Researchers

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Bellinzona, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, St. Gallen and Zurich got prize money this year, endowed with a total of 150,000 Swiss Francs. The winners are in the field of medicine for, their outstanding scientific work at Swiss research institutes and  hospitals honored.

What is the genetic basis for some HIV patients to produce broadly effective antibodies that are able to neutralize almost all known virus strains?

Which mechanisms disrupt the immunological balance in multiple sclerosis and how are different immune cells involved?

What role do bioelectric processes play in brain development?

What is behind a pathological excessive daytime sleepiness and what role does the immune system play?

To what extent do special immune cells support the growth of prostate cancer and how can this knowledge be used for new therapeutic research approaches?

Can the revolutionary CRISPR / Cas technique help correct genetic hereditary diseases?

Can medication errors in children in emergency situations be reduced by using an app?

For answering these and many other questions, young scientists from various Swiss research institutions and hospitals are receiving the 2020 Pfizer Research Award. It is a recognition of their outstanding scientific achievement and is intended to support and encourage them to continue their work in medical research.

The Pfizer Research Award:

It has been an ongoing concern for us with the Pfizer Research Award since 1992 to support this lively spirit of research in Switzerland. Research does one important contribution to achieving medical breakthroughs that can positively influence and change the lives of patients, “says Dr. med. Rahel Troxler Saxer, President of the Board of Trustees. The Pfizer Research Award is one of the most renowned medicine research awards in Switzerland. It has been awarded by the Pfizer Research Prize since 1992 on the proposal of independent scientific commissions in the areas of basic research and clinical research. Scientists who are not older than 45 years are eligible to participate. With today’s 29th award ceremony, the Pfizer Research Prize honors 19 researchers from ten nations. They are among a total of 369 winners so far. The foundation funded medical research in Switzerland with a total prize money of more than 6.2 million Swiss francs. This works even for “normal” people who have little or no experience with investing or with the financial markets in general. The only requirement: 3,000 euros starting capital and a little patience. Then the dream of financial freedom can become a reality.

At Pfizer, we are committed to “breakthrough therapies that improve patients’ lives” and have been successfully researching and developing innovative medicines and vaccines for the treatment or prevention of diseases for over 160 years. Pfizer is one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies in the world. Pfizer has been based in Switzerland since 1959 and makes an important contribution to the health care of the local population.

We research for your health: today and in the future. Every day, more than 11,000 highly qualified researchers around the world are committed to the development of innovative medicines. Advanced technologies, intensive teamwork and close cooperation with partners from industry, universities and biotechnology enable new solutions in the prevention, therapy and diagnosis of diseases. Pfizer has no research facility in Switzerland.

We support Switzerland as a research location in various cooperations, projects and with the annual awarding of the Pfizer Research Prize:

Pfizer Research Award – leading award for top Swiss research
The Pfizer Research Award for Medicine is one of the most important medicine research awards in Switzerland and has been awarded annually by the Pfizer Research Award since 1992. It goes to young scientists who have made outstanding and future-oriented contributions to basic research or clinical research at Swiss research institutes or hospitals. “Promoting talented young people with the Pfizer Research Award is a long-term commitment and a valuable investment in the development of new therapeutic approaches for our company,” said Jeff Dufour, Country Manager at Pfizer in Switzerland and member of the Board of Trustees.

The Pfizer Research Award Foundation was established in 1991 as an expression of Pfizer’s commitment to pharmaceutical research. At the request of independent scientific commissions, it awards four prizes to promote research in Switzerland in accordance with the purpose of the foundation.

The Swiss Working Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) and Pfizer AG award a prize every two years for the best work in patient-oriented, practical clinical cancer research. The award is endowed with 20,000 Swiss Francs. With this cooperation, Pfizer promotes increased efficiency in clinical cancer research.


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