TikTok is Three Times Bigger than Twitter

TikTok was launched in September 2016 by Chinese company ByteDance, but started gaining in 2018. In fact, the application is focused on the western market as there is a specific version for the Chinese market. ByteDance itself is a successful case study: the last time it was evaluated, it reached $ 78 billion. Most recently, it announced that it will launch a search engine to compete with Chinese giant Baidu. To do so, it hired specialists who worked at Google and Bing, Microsoft’s discreet search engine.

According to an economic and financial data, which was confidential because the company is not listed, first-half revenues exceeded expectations and were between $ 7 billion and $ 8 billion. It will have even generated net profits in June and may end the second quarter with a positive net result.

There are videos about everything on TikTok. They usually combine creativity and a good deal of humor.

TikTok can be so addictive that ByteDance has been forced to launch a series of tools to block access in the most extreme cases. In the application there is a specific area dedicated to “digital wellness”, an increasingly fashionable concept. In this space, among other things, you can manage the usage time of the application.

But not all are positive aspects. In the US, TikTok risks being the next victim of tensions with China. Doubts are emerging that the application is safe for users from the point of view of personal data protection and privacy. On Thursday, news began to emerge that there may be bipartisan support in the House of Representatives, which is beginning to focus on the idea that TikTok could be a risk to US national security.

Will there be reasons for this? One of the main arguments relates – as always – to Chinese laws, which “oblige” private companies to collaborate with authorities and intelligence services upon request – an argument that has been costly to Chinese technology Huawei. In addition, following a controversy that arose in China, ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming promised that the company would “deepen cooperation” with the authorities.

Statements that could give the Western world the creeps, at a time when the owner of TikTok risks facing two risks: the risk of being pulled into the game of politics and another, perhaps more relevant, that is “copied”. ”By Facebook, as happened with Snapchat, at the origin of Instagram Stories.


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The international press has been covering the impact that TikTok is having around the world, especially the growth that has been registered in the US.

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