Toned Wall Street Focus on Inflation

Wall Street continues the session on the upside in a day full of crucial macroeconomic data that could better contextualize the trend of the stars and stripes economy. Investors’ attention remains focused on the action of the Federal Reserve which could decide new squeezes if the pressure on prices remains high.

Among the US indices, the Dow Jones of 0.52%; on the same line, a slight increase for the S & P-500, which reaches 4,711 points. The Nasdaq 100 was slightly positive (+ 0.69%); on the same trend, the S&P 100 progressed fractionally (+ 0.52%).

The secondary consumer goods (+ 1.50%), IT (+ 0.92%) and energy (+ 0.82%) sectors stand out in the S&P 500 basket.

Among the best Blue Chips of the Dow Jones, Home Depot (+ 5.65%), Nike (+ 2.25%), Visa (+ 1.25%) and Microsoft (+ 1.20%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Wal-Mart, which gets -2.63%.

Boeing slips, with a clear disadvantage of 1.95%.

Substantially weak DOW, which recorded a decrease of 0.80%.

It moves below the Walgreens Boots Alliance parity, showing a decrease of 0.74%.

Among the protagonists of the Nasdaq 100, Vodafone (+ 4.79%), Qualcomm (+ 3.77%), Bed Bath & Beyond (+ 3.59%) and Tesla Motors (+ 3.50%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Activision Blizzard, which gets -5.49%.

Biogen sinks, with a decline of 3.34%.

Tripadvisor collapses, with a decrease of 3.11%.

Sales at the hands of American Airlines, which suffers a decrease of 2.95%.