Top Favorite French Dessert

What can be the favorite dessert of the French? Okay, we are doing pretty well in terms of cheese and wine but what about the sweet end of the meal?

The compepe team is fighting a fierce battle against the team Tarte Tatin while the Italian Tiramisu regiments are invading our plates. So what will be the favorite dessert of the French? Answer with TNS Sofres poll for Gourmand magazine (yes, it exists)

Chocolate fondant
Undisputed and undisputed winner: chocolate fondant. At the same time eating melted butter and melting dark chocolate is like dying, going to Heaven, kissing Sophia Lauren and then back to Earth and winning at Euromillion. It feels good.

The survey does not specify whether it is a sugar crepe, red currant jam or nutella. Anyway, it does not matter because everyone knows that the only pancake allowed is a pancake with dark chocolate and banana (flambé, of course).

Chocolate mousse
Perhaps the only dessert that could have competed with chocolate fondant in terms of taste orgasm. The problem with chocolate mousse is that it’s too good. We eat too much and we end up totally disgusted. Hence his third place.

Floating island
Equal to the chocolate mousse and pancakes, there is the floating island. A controversial dessert (since without chocolate) that manages to seduce the French especially because it involves drinking sweet cream by eating tasteless foam. It seems that this is the favorite dessert of Archimedes.

Apple pie
Number one among seniors, apple pie is classic without boldness and without chocolate. BOUH THE APPLE PIE. BOUUUUH.

An odd Italian thing, to be honest, no one really knows what he’s eating. All we know is that you have to mix red sugar and coffee and perhaps bacon, but not sure. It’s fashionable right now, as was the apple / pear crumble at one time, but it will pass, thank God.

Creme brulee
What’s great about crème brûlée is to burn it yourself with a mini torch. Otherwise, it is cream with a crust on the top, and without chocolate. Nothing good foufo.

We come to the scandal of this classification, theft, looting. Beautiful little chouquettes, filled with creamy pastry cream with also vanilla ice cream and ESPECIALLY melted dark chocolate which is poured delicately on the said chouquettes creating a subtle mixture of flavor and temperature, nightmare of the miscreants at the questionable oral hygiene but real little balls of love for true lovers of good dessert. To say that these testicles of angels arrive at the 8th position …

After a huge meal (wedding type), we are usually with a strawberry, also called “if I take a bite of this thing my stomach hangs with my small intestine.” The presence of strawberries masks with difficulty the pile of cream, sponge cake and butter that make up this pastry without chocolate.

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