TRAI will Give Notice to Telecom Companies if Instructions are not Followed

 India TRAI will give notice to telecom companies if instructions are not followed, know what are the instructions
Airtel says may implement TRAI directives in 4-5 days

TRAI can summon telecom companies after the instructions of TRAI are not followed by the telecom companies even after 10 days. Airtel and VodafoneIdea have not complied with the order. TRAI will soon seek answers from telecom companies on this.

TRAI had instructed telecom companies to provide porting SMS facility in all packs, but even after 10 days of this instruction, it is not seen being followed by the companies. Therefore, clarification can be sought from him by the regulator on this.

It is worth noting that TRAI had issued instructions in this regard on 7 December. In which the companies were instructed to provide porting SMS facility. It was clarified in this that companies had to provide the facility of porting SMS in all packs. But even after 10 days Airtel, VodafoneIdea did not follow it.

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Asim Manchanda of CNBC-Awaaz, quoting sources, said that TRAI officials have said that notices may be sent to companies in 1-2 days for non-compliance of the instructions and their response will be sought. TRAI says that they have adopted a strict attitude towards following the instructions.

Aseem further said that when he contacted Airtel on this, Airtel says that work is on to follow the TRAI order. He will soon implement the instructions and as per estimates it may take 4-5 days to implement the instructions. On contacting Vodafone, there was no response from their side.