Trumps Sues Deutsche Bank

US President Donald Trump and his family have sued Deutsche Bank. By doing so, they want to prevent the money house from handing over financial records to two US Congressional committees, exposing details of the family’s financial affairs. The subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and the financial firm Capital One have no legal basis, according to the lawsuit filed on behalf of Trump, his children Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka and one of his companies.

At first, no comment was received from Deutsche Bank and the other participants. Already last week, Trump had filed similar lawsuits against an accounting firm and the House Supervision Committee.

Democrats in the US Congress are demanding the release of financial data as part of their investigation of Trump’s financial affairs. The question is whether other states have tried to influence US policy. Also to be investigated are possible connections to Russia. The Intelligence Committee and the Finance Committee had submitted subpoenaes to the banks. According to the New York Times, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup must also provide documentation.

For a long time, the Deutsche Bank was, according to information from the “New York Times” one of the few financial institutions with which Trump was still in business relations. At the beginning of the term of office, Trump’s debt to the bank is said to have been $ 300 million.

According to the Trump family lawyers, the motions were to harass the president and ransack every aspect of his personal finances, business, and private information about him and his family, and search for any material that could be used to to hurt him politically, “CNN quoted from the lawsuit of Trump’s lawyers. “There is no other reason than a political intention” for the publication of the documents, it said accordingly. In the US, a new president will be elected in 2020.

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US President Donald Trump and his family have sued Deutsche Bank.

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