Tuchel’s Resignation had Tension And Discussion with Leonardo After PSG Victory

After beating Strasbourg 4-0 on 23 December, former PSG coach Thomas Tuchel was preparing to conduct his traditional post-game interview. At the end of the press conference, he was surprised by the team’s football director, Leonardo, to hear that he was fired and would not end the season.

During the interview, for example, the German had even commented on planning for 2021, unaware that he would have no future at Paris Saint-Germain. It is easy to see that the coach did not expect to be fired, especially after qualifying for the UEFA Champions League round of 16 and being one point behind the leaders of the Ligue 1.

Even if Tuchel’s contract was only until the end of this season, the expectation was that PSG would wait for the end of the relationship to make changes to its coaching staff. According to L’Equipe, the conversation between the German and the Brazilian lasted more than an hour and they both raised their voices.

Leonardo would have waited for all the players to leave the Parc de Princes stadium and called the coach for a separate conversation. There, he communicated PSG’s intention to release the coach before the end of his contract. The director explained the decision stating that it would not have started at a specific moment, but from an accumulation of several situations that were bothering the board.

Shocked, Tuchel would have been irritated by the decision and even raised his voice to his then boss. After the conversation, the coach and his coaching staff returned to the club’s training center, removed their belongings that same night and left the team. It is worth remembering that the football director and the now former coach of the Parisian team had already had friction in the past.

Now, PSG hopes to announce the German’s replacement as soon as possible to begin preparation for the Champions League round of 16. Argentine Mauricio Pochettino is the big favorite to take office and has played for the club from 2001 to 2003.

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