Turk Telekom will Refinance its Debts!

Türk Telekom will benefit from the refinance of the treasury share and some fine matters, paying 312.2 million lira.

Türk Telekom and subsidiary Avea, which provides mobile telecom services, announced that debt will be paid a total of 312.2 million TL by taking advantage of various Treasury share, universal service contribution and restructuring arrangements related to various issues.

In the announcement made by the company on Friday evening, it was made public on the occasion of the declaration made in December, “Avea has decided to make use of the provision of restructuring matters on treasury share, universal service contribution, contribution to institutional expenses, administrative fee, radio charges, penal clause and their subjects”.

In this context, the company will pay a total of 312.2 million TL including 210.5 million lira principal and 101.7 million lira interest.

The first installment of the payment will be made by adding six equal installments every two months periods starting from January, with a maturity difference.

According to the statement, the company holds about 120 million lira his balance issue in the third quarter. The remaining amount is planned to be settled at the end of the year.

Türk Telekom expects EBITDA, 6.3 billion TL this year.