Turkey and US Will Begin Training Syrian Opposition

kkkThe US military has announced that the agreement signed with Ankara in Turkey started training, Syrian moderate opposition groups.
The US military began, in Turkish city of Kırşehir, training the Syrians moderate opposition.
“Two thousand Syrian opposition wil be trained, “educate -equip” in 3 years, will be sent Syria to fight against ISIS.”  An US official told Reuters.

As part of” train – equip” agreement was signed in February between Washington and Ankara, opposition announced that it has started. 123 US Special Forces troops arrived in Turkey for training . 40 of them was stationed to Kırşehir 83 in Incirlik to distribute weapons.Concerns of radical Islamist elements would be infiltration. US Training will be given its own set of opponents .


Turkey has the right to appeal . Turkish Special Forces will attend the training . Ambush , close-up methods city clash , assassination, will be the pert of training.



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