Turkey Kills 32 ISIS Militants in Bashiqa

jjjTurkey claims it has killed 32 Islamic State (ISIS) militants in retaliation for an attack on a Turkish tank at the Bashiqa training camp in Nineveh province on Tuesday.

ISIS had launched rocket fire on an M-60 Turkish army tank positioned at the Bashiqa training camp around 4.15pm Tuesday afternoon. No casualties were reported.

Turkey returned fire killing 32. Turkish media, citing unnamed Turkish military sources, reported that ten militants were killed during an operation which destroyed a building housing ISIS fighters. A further 22 were killed as they fled.

Turkish armed forces are in Bashiqa providing training for Peshmerga and Iraqi Sunni forces. Last December, Turkey boosted its troop numbers at the camp sparking a diplomatic confrontation with Baghdad who asserted that the Turkish troops were in Iraq without Baghdad’s permission or knowledge. Turkey maintained that the troops were necessary to protect their training mission at the camp.

The camp has twice previously come under ISIS fire.