Turkey Seeks Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Turkey has issued a Request for Information from industry on delivery of an armed unmanned aerial vehicle as a result of an urgent requirement from the country’s air force.

Turkey’s SSM procurement agency is seeking to acquire an armed unmanned aerial vehicle for early delivery and has issued an urgent Request for Information.

The RFI from the Under-Secretariat for Defense Industries is the result of an urgent requirement from the Turkish Air Force for the medium or high altitude long endurance aircraft.

SSM said the RFI, within the scope of Armed UAS Project, is to obtain general information on potential domestic and foreign suppliers of armed unmanned aerial systems, discern the availability of such aircraft, investigate and clarify the system and sub-system based technical details and requirements, and define the requirements for logistics support.

Responses from industry to the RFI must be received by May 25.

Turkish Aerospace Industries, which has been making center fuselages for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft, has been developing a medium altitude long endurance reconnaissance UAV for a number of years.