Turkey Supports Saudi Arabia’s Military Operation in Yemen

forrrThe Turkish Foreign Ministry released a statement on Thursday, expressing Turkey’s support for the military operation led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

“Turkey supports the military operations against the Houthis led by Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council, based on the request of legitimately elected Yemeni President Hadi” the Foreign Ministry stated, adding that the military intervention would contribute to the reclamation of legitimate state authority and prevent chaos and civil war. The ministry also called the Houthi militias and their foreign supporters to renounce violence and acts which threaten peace and security in the region.

The statement condemned the attacks carried out by Houthi militias against the legitimate Yemeni administration led by President Hadi, to take over the temporary capital Aden.

It was stated that the current situation will deepen the dire humanitarian and economic condition faced by the people of Yemen, and will create the grounds which could easily be exploited by terrorist organizations, posing an imminent threat to international peace, stability and security.

Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Gulf countries have launched a military operation in Yemen against the Houthi rebels threatening the government.

100 warplanes and 150,000 soldiers are contributed to the military operation in Yemen by Saudi Arabia. Egyptian, Moroccan, Jordanian, Sudanese, Kuwaiti and other planes are also participating in the military operation, while it has been reported that Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan and Sudan are ready to participate in a ground offensive.
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