Turkey’s Parliament Speaker Seeks Religious Constitution

ismail-kahraman-Turkey should have a religious constitution, parliament speaker İsmail Kahraman said Monday, in comments that will likely add to concerns of creeping Islamisation under the ruling AKP party.

“As a Muslim country, why should we be in a situation where we are in retreat from religion?”

“We are a Muslim country. As a consequence, we must have a religious constitution,” the AKP lawmaker told a conference in Istanbul.

“Secularism cannot feature in the new constitution.”

Kemal Kiliçdaroğlu, the head of Turkey’s main CHP opposition party, slammed the speaker’s comments.

“The chaos that reigns in the Middle East is the product of ways of thinking that, like you, make religion an instrument of politics,” Kilicdaroglu wrote on Twitter.

“Secularism exists so everyone can practise their religion freely, Mr Kahraman!”

Since the AKP’s re-election in November, the government has said it wants to prioritise replacing Turkey’s constitution, inherited from a military junta after a coup in 1980.

Several rounds of negotiations have failed — most recently in February — with the opposition rejecting the increasingly powerful role of the presidency under Erdogan.

Kahraman on Monday backed a “presidential system” for Turkey, and rejected claims that this would push the country towards authoritarianism.

“Some people say that (a strengthened presidency) means dictatorship,” he said. “Where is this link? Is (US President Barack) Obama a dictator?”