Turkish Singer Claims He is Father of British Popstar Adele

A folk singer living in the Aegean resort town of Bodrum has claimed to be the father of British popstar Adele.

52 year old Mehmet Asar told reporters that he met Adele’s mother Penny Adkins when he was driving a taxi they were travelling in back in 1988 in the Bodrum town of Gümbet.

“I gave Penny Adkins and her friends a tour of the bays of Bodrum and Pamukkale over two weeks. She introduced herself to me as a nurse. We liked each other and had an affair for two weeks. She extended her vacation and returned to England one month later. She later came back to Bodrum twice and stayed for one month,” he added.

When Mehemet said that he wanted to stay in Bodrum and and told her she could live here with him, she returned to the UK and apart from a few telephone conversations he never saw her again. At the time it was difficult and expensive to talk on the phone so they drifted apart.

Mehmet said that the time they were together coincides with Adele’s birthday. He went on to say that even the way she acts and performs is similar to his actions down to her very eyes and fingers.

He finished by saying that he has expects nothing from Adele but that she has the right to know who her father is after she told the press that her natural father was Welsh and left them when she was two years old and is prepared to take a DNA test to prove his point.