Twelve Korean Companies ‘performance Expectations’

In the New York EDIT Show, a total of 12 companies, nine Korean companies and three worldstar designer training companies, are participating as sponsors of the Korea Fashion Association (Chairman Han Joon Suk), and are expected to achieve desired results in Korean brand promotion and export.

The Korea Fashion Association said it expects about $ 550,000 worth of exports through consultations of about $ 1.05 million for three days from September 15th to September 17th. The Korea Pavilion, which was organized for the second time last year, has nine booths with 9 companies supported by the Small Venture Business Department (Minister Hong Jong Hak) and the Small and Medium Business Administration (Chairman Park Sung Taek).

Moonchaei, GlobalStir, Ricky, Gewiwari, Utari, 24 ℃, Kloseft, Pleitzmi, and Als Nine Seoul attracted attention from buyers in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. 

Lee Seung-ik, a designer of ‘Rick Lee’ who is developing the brand based in Milan, Italy, said, “This is a positive result for the buyer preference accumulated over the last four seasons,” he said. It was a chance, “he said.

In addition, three designer brands such as Women’s Griffiths, Lai, and Tea Bag were also included in the world star designer training projects. Lai’s designers are expecting to open a new market because they are interested in new buyers, especially in the Middle East and the Americas, as well as in the Middle East and the Americas.

Joe Eun-ae of TeaBack said, “We were able to discuss with local buyers in North America, Europe, Mexico, Hong Kong and other countries in detail.