U.S. Oil Jumps to Nearly $ 60 Quiet Trading on Wall Street

The price of WTI rises by 2.4% and approaches the value that preceded the crisis of January 2020, Brent jumps to almost $ 63; Bumblebee jumps 14% on her second day in New York – last night soared by 63.5%; Israeli Jaiprog is up 4.5%, recording growth in its second quarter as a public company; Another Israeli success – Zim has risen by 5% and jumped by 70% since it was issued two weeks ago.

Nikkei (29,520,070.14%) Potsy (6,589,790.94%) Dax (14,049,890.06%) Kak (5,703,670.60%) Dow Jones (31,385,760.14%) S&P 500 (3,920,060.09%) Nasdaq ( 14,043.920.13%)

American oil (WTI) within walking distance from a price of $ 60 per barrel – has not been traded at this value since 9.1.20. The price of WTI jumps more than 2% to a value of $ 59.70 per barrel. Since the beginning of the year, the price of American oil has jumped by 23%. Brent is up 2.6 percent at $ 62.60 a barrel.

Positive lock on European stock exchanges: The British Potassium index rose by 1% and this week climbed by 1.6%. The French kak strengthened by 0.6% and recorded a weekly increase of 0.8%. The German Dax recorded a steady daily and weekly lock. Earlier, the UK economy was reported to have shrunk by 9.9% in 2020 – the sharpest rate since records began.

Huge deal for Zim: Lease 10 natural gas-powered ships for $ 1 billion. As part of the agreement signed by Zim with the shipping giant SEASPAN, the latter will lease 10 ships with a transport capacity of 15,000 containers. The latter are intended to operate in trade between Asia and the east coast of the United States and are expected to be delivered to ZIM between February 2023 and January 2024.

Zim shares are up 4.5% today. Since its issuance on January 29, 21, Zim shares have risen 70% and recorded only one day of declines (out of 11 trading days). The market value of the shipping company that transports containers by sea (previously traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) is $ 2.24 billion in New York.

American Airlines and United Airlines each climb 1.5 percent, after a proposal was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives to grant a third bailout package to the aviation sector since the outbreak.

This time it is $ 14 billion, which will be included in President Biden’s assistance program (although the original program did not include assistance to the aviation sector).

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