Wall Street Futures a Little later After a New Sell off Nasdaq

Futures is a little late, after the first sell off on hi-tech that ended yesterday’s session on Wall Street. The Nasdaq Composite has concluded its seat at a low of 2.4%, while the Dow Jones is poised to retain positive territory in the final, ending at a level of 0.2%, after being capped at an intraday minimum of -1.6 %.

Investors are waiting for the date today regarding the hard -line orders and the minute at the end of the Fed meeting.

Yesterday Wall Street made the accounts with the back of Snap titles, crumbling up to -43% after the profit warning launched by the social media company noted for its SnapChat messaging app. The Snap title today in pre-market rose +0.70%.

The Abercrombie & Fitch title also fell to Wall Street by more than -28%, after the clothing business chain spread its quarterly property, contextually cutting the outlook. The companies posted an advance of about 0.84%.

Futures on the Dow Jones, at 13.20 circa Italian time, are up 0.26%; those on the Nasdaq are down 0.13%, while those on the S&P 500 are down 0.20%.

Ignore the trend of Big Tech titles made in China quoted in New York and on the Hong Kong stock market: today JD.com and Baidu titles have personally landed in Hong Kong, after the latest comments received from a Securities and Exchange Commission official , (Sec, US stock exchange authority), which said that time is running out in the treaty between the United States and China, which has for the purpose of speculating on groups that are quoted both in New York and in China.

Baidu and JD.com are among the Chinese colonies included in the Sec list that put companies at risk of delisting from Wall Street. And today, Sec YJ Fischer official announced that, “even if an agreement must be signed between the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and the Chinese authorities, it will only take a first step. The PCAOB must be placed in conditions to obtain a “cooperation and a sufficient agreement from the Chinese authorities to be able to launch complete operations in China and Hong Kong”.

Among the other titles is also that of the retail chain Usa Nordstrom, which amounts to more than +9% after the group released a quarterly which is a better breakdown of expectations. The retailer has given the rialzo the outlook for the whole year.

Under observation, yesterday’s Tesla title, driven by Snap’s torso, closed the benchmark with a 6.9% inflation to $ 628.16. The market capitalization of the group is almost dimmed with respect to that of November, when quotations will set the record value.

Since the day that CEO Elon Musk announced it has raised a quota of 9.2% in Twitter’s capital, the Tesla title is still at 42%, underpinning in a way that determines the trend of the S&P 500, capped in the same temporary arch of 13%, and also makes up for the S&P 500’s discreet consumption index, down 26%. In the last days it seems that, after months of selling, Cathie Wood, number one of Ark Investment Management is back to take over the title. The Tesla operations are still oscillating in the first place below the parity.

In the state holdings market, annual Treasuries shares rose 2.749%. Yesterday, these ten base points were raised, with investors who, in front of sales on technological assets, turned to repaying foreign debts in the United States.

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