Venezuelans Prefer Facebook

According to a survey conducted by Hinterlaces, and disclosed by the journalist, Jose Vicente Rangel, 66% of Venezuelans use the social network Facebook.

The Venezuelan pollster directly interviewed 1,580 citizens from various states of the country, from October 23 to November 7, 2018, which determined Facebook as the main social network over Twitter and Instagram.

66% of those consulted confirmed having an account on Facebook and 24% declared not having an account on it.

Hinterlaces said that 40% of Venezuelans surveyed said they use Instagram and 30% prefer Twitter.

Likewise, 39% of the citizens questioned said they read the news on their cell phone, while 46% said they prefer to read it on physical paper.

In addition, 76% of Venezuelans have email and 68% currently have a cell phone.