VW is Threatened with Fines Billions in the US in the Diesel Scandal

The automaker is subject to a lawsuit in the state of Ohio. The judge puts the possible fines at “more than a trillion dollars”. VW wants to go to the Supreme Court.

Volkswagen suffered a major defeat in a US legal battle over possible further high fines in the “Dieselgate” scandal. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the state can pursue sanctions against the automaker for systematic exhaust gas manipulation that go beyond the penalties already agreed at the US federal level.

For VW, regional proceedings like this one in Ohio are explosive – the Wolfsburg-based car company could again face fines worth billions.

When asked, Volkswagen announced that it wanted to bring the case to the US Supreme Court, the American Supreme Court. The group is of the opinion that claims by individual states in the emissions scandal are compensated for by penalties and compensation that VW had to pay for violating the nationwide Clean Air Act. Several other US courts have come to this assessment in similar cases.

At the time, 11 million Volkswagen vehicles had been bought by consumers deceived by the company’s fraudulent behavior. After a very long internal investigation, several executives of the company were implicated, among which Martin Winterkorn, the CEO of the company.

He will therefore pay 10 million euros to his ex-employer for the damage suffered by the company. Volkswagen shareholders are expected to approve the transaction next month.

To that ends the lawsuits initiated by the company. But Winterkorn is also being sued by German and American courts, like other executives of the firm. In total, this case will have cost Volkswagen 32 billion euros to date, in fines and various compensation.