WACKO MARIA and NAMEDARUMA will Release the 3rd Collaboration Collection

WACKO MARIA, a male in the fashion scene in Tokyo, develops menswear that combines the playfulness and elegance of an adult man. Every season, they stimulate our purchasing motivation with items that invite a wide variety of collaborators, but the biggest feature of the 2021 spring / summer season is the hip-hop crew licking based in Saitama and Kumagaya. Team up with NAMEDARUMA. Following the first collaboration in September 2020 and the second in November 2020, the third collaboration collection will be released for the first time in nine months.

It’s been a long time since music and fashion weren’t connected, but when the “genuine” of both genres met, the tag of “”, which always bases music, and NAMEDARUMA, who sticks to an unwavering fashion style, was once again. A lineup of items that perfectly embody the inspiration that only occurs in Japan. There are 13 types of 5 types, 2 Hawaiian shirts, 1 crew neck shirt, 1 long sleeve T-shirt, and 1 T-shirt. Hawaiian shirts, which are indispensable for talking about “WACKO MARIA”, are available in a total pattern design that mixes the leaves of the Virgin Mary and marijuana, and two types that are a big size drop of one paisley pattern. The crew neck shirt and long sleeve T-shirt have the same design, with simple “AGH” letters and “HOT TOWN HOME” embroidered on the front and Gothic “GUILTY PARTIES WACKO MARIA” text embroidered on the back. The remaining T-shirts have Gothic “GUILTY PARTIES WACKO MARIA” text on the front and Virgin Mary and Gothic “APHRODITE GANG” on the back.
Is a boldly printed fan coveted item.

The price is 38,500 yen for Hawaiian shirts, 27,500 yen for crew neck shirts, 14,300 yen for long-sleeved T-shirts, and 11,000 yen for T-shirts (all including tax). MARIA> and “APHRODITE GANG HOLDINGS” official online store, “WACKO MARIA HANKYU MEN’S TOKYO”, etc. are now on sale. On the same day, “PARADISE TOKYO” will also hold “Heaven Tokyo Aloha Festival”, which sells new and archived Hawaiian shirts all at once.

And with the release of the collaboration collection, the image visual that the three people of NAMEDARUMA actually acted as models arrived. Check out the breathtaking visuals taken by master Kazumi Kurigami from the gallery above.