İtaly: Green Pass on Holiday for Hotels Events Transport Camping

From 6 August, the Covid Green Certificate is required to access various activities. But doubts and nuances remain about how to interpret the rules

On 6 August, the Covid Green Certificate officially debuted, known in Italy as the “green pass”: the digital or paper document that must be exhibited to access (almost) all activities where there is a risk of crowds, from restaurants to gyms. The pass becomes mandatory almost everywhere, with penalties of up to 1000 euros for merchants who do not comply with the established rules. But there remain several exceptions, and doubts, about how to behave. Especially when it comes to holidays, in early August and the very high season.

Hotels: do you need the Green pass to stay overnight?
No. The obligation of the so-called Green Pass has not been extended to hotel guests, confirming what was established in the previous decree of 23 July 2021. In other words, to book and stay in an accommodation facility it is not necessary to be vaccinated, to have carried out a swab in the previous 48 hours or be cured of Covid.

What if you want to dine in a hotel restaurant?
Not even, but you have to stay overnight in that same structure. Hotel guests who want to access indoor restaurants and bars are not required to show the Green pass, even if it is about indoor spaces. The case of external customers is different: if the restaurant or bar is also accessible to the public, they can only enter with a Covid-19 green certification.

Events: do you need the Green pass? For example, a concert?
Yes, but not “only” for concerts. The so-called Green pass is mandatory to access shows open to the public, sporting events and competitions, museums, “institutes and places of culture”, as well as swimming pools, gyms, wellness centers, fairs, festivals, congresses, spas, theme parks and entertainment centers, cultural…