What are the Automotive Summit Decisions Regarding Future Technologies

The head of the German “Volkswagen” group for cars, Herbert Deiss, considered the decisions of the “cars summit” an important contribution to improving Germany’s position in the field of future technologies.

Deiss emphasized that the goals discussed regarding autonomy are a necessary step, and said, “It is important not to lose catch-up in terms of relatively open regulation in the United States and China.”

During high-level talks between representatives of the auto sector, the German federal government and heads of state governments last Tuesday evening, a plan was drawn up stipulating that the German state should play a “pioneering role in the field of autonomous driving” in the coming years.

A special law will be prepared in this regard. Deiss said the Federal Ministry of Transport had made a “good suggestion” on how to further automate the aid system.

Many of the points remain somewhat vague, and revisions will be made until the next meeting in November. Nevertheless, the trend seems clear. Germany should be “the first country in the world to allow self-driving vehicles to operate regularly and throughout the national scope of application,” according to the report on the results of the meeting.

The report stressed the necessity for cars with autonomous driving functions on German roads to be in normal operation by 2022.

And cooperates “Volkswagen” with the “Ford” of America in autonomous technologies. So far, the tests have only been conducted in the USA. “We will reconsider that now if circumstances change in Germany,” Deiss said.

In addition, a “traffic data registry” is planned, which relates to agreements for the rapid and secure exchange of the vast amounts of information resulting from traffic entanglements.

Deiss said there was also a “good suggestion” from the German Academy of Sciences and Engineering to develop a platform that could link car, rail and air traffic data. “This will be a first step for the European Union to restore data sovereignty,” Deiss said.

The Automobile Summit did not agree to additional sales aid for the sector. As for the outcome of the meeting in general, Deiss said, “It was a good business meeting with the chancellor yesterday!”