Easy to Get Sick in Winter 10 Immune-Boosting Foods

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The human body is affected by temperature in winter, and body functions and appetite will change. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the diet reasonably,and , eat more hot food, to ensure adequate nutrition and improve immunity.

A body with a weakened immune system is prone to infection or cancer, and an abnormal immune system can also produce harmful results to the body, such as allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases. Various reasons prevent the immune system from playing its protective role normally. In this case, it is very easy to cause infections such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Therefore, the most direct manifestation of low immunity is easy to get sick. Frequent illnesses increase the consumption of the body. Therefore, there are generally manifestations of weakness, malnutrition, listlessness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and sleep disturbance. Illness, injections, and medicine have become commonplace. Every time I get sick it takes a long time to recover, and it often happens repeatedly. Daily diet conditioning is the most ideal way to improve human immunity:

1. Yam is rich in vitamins and minerals and a variety of trace elements, especially the high content of potassium, and the external calories to meet the needs of the body are relatively low. Yam can also promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes in the human body and enhance immune function.

Note: People with frequent constipation should eat carefully.


Of all yam practices, fried yam is the most nutritious. Cut the yam into slices or stir-fry in the pan. Because of the short heating time, the nutrients, especially vitamin C, are lost the least.

In addition, steamed yam, steamed yam porridge and honey yam are three recommended ways to eat. Especially the honey yam also has the effect of invigorating the brain and refreshing the brain. Mental workers or people who are mentally fatigued may wish to eat this dish more.

2.Winter melon

Winter melon is rich in a variety of nutrients, including protein, dietary fiber, carotene, multiple vitamins and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc. The dietary fiber in wax gourd can effectively affect gastrointestinal activities and excrete waste accumulated in the intestines. And eating wax gourd in winter can effectively improve immunity and resistance.

Note: People with deficiency of the spleen and stomach, kidney deficiency and cold limbs should be cautious in eating.


Honeysuckle dried bamboo shoot sugar winter melon tea

One dried bamboo shoot is peeled, cut into pieces, and boiled with 5 bowls of water for 45 minutes with the sugar winter melon, put in honeysuckle for 5 cents, and cook for 15 minutes to drink.

3. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is rich in β-carotene. At the same time, pumpkin is also rich in vitamin B6, which is an indispensable important nutrient for improving immune protein activity and strengthening immune protein metabolism. And pumpkin is low in sugar and calories, so don’t worry about getting fat if you eat it!

Note: Those suffering from infectious diseases and fever should not consume pumpkin porridge to prevent the deterioration of the disease.


Steamed Pumpkin with Lily

Ingredients: about 600 grams of old pumpkin, 100 grams of fresh lily, appropriate amount of sugar.

Method: Scoop the flesh of the old pumpkin, wash it, cut it into thin slices lengthwise, and place it in a bowl with the skin facing down. Wash the fresh lily and put it in the pumpkin, add sugar, and steam it in a steamer. Put the pumpkin in the bowl upside down on the plate and remove the bowl.

Easy to get sick in winter? 10 immune-boosting foods to make you eat healthy
4. Apple

Apples are rich in dietary fiber, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, flavonoids and other nutrients, which can increase cell viability and stimulate the production of antibodies and white blood cells, thereby enhancing human immunity.

Note: Patients with ulcerative colitis, leukopenia, and prostate enlargement should not be taken.


In Chinese medicine, the human body is the most active time of the spleen and stomach in the morning. At that time, eating fruits is good for the body to absorb. Fruits after dinner are not good for digestion. If you eat too much, you will turn sugar into fat and accumulate in the body. So eat apples as much as possible. Before noon, either half an hour before eating or more than half an hour after eating.

5. Honey

Adding a spoonful of honey to your food or drink can increase your natural resistance. Because honey contains polyphenols in different concentrations, these ingredients are antioxidants, in addition to containing a variety of enzymes and minerals, when they have a synergistic effect, they can improve human immunity.

Note: It is not easy to eat for young children, people with diabetes, and people prone to diarrhea.


Garlic honey

When the body has slight discomfort, you can mix the same amount of garlic and honey, and take it with warm water. Take a teaspoon each time, 3 to 4 times a day, which can effectively prevent colds.

6. Broccoli

Cauliflower is rich in vitamins and minerals. It also contains a variety of alkaloids, flavonoids, glucosinolates and other active ingredients. And cauliflower is one of the foods with the most flavonoids, which can improve the body’s immunity and prevent the occurrence of colds and scurvy.

Note: Do not eat for people with stomach problems.


Broccoli + shellfish broccoli

It is rich in vitamin C and carotene, has a strong antioxidant effect, and when paired with shellfish rich in high-quality protein and zinc, it can enhance human immunity and prevent colds.

7. Radish

Radish is rich in starch decomposition enzymes and a lot of vitamin C and trace element zinc, which can enhance the body’s immune function, improve disease resistance, and prevent the body from being invaded by bacteria.

Note: People with spleen deficiency should eat less radish, and those with chronic bronchitis and asthma should not eat it.


Radish water

Take 250 grams of fresh juicy white radish without peeling, wash and cut into thin slices, add three bowls of water, boil into two bowls, take one bowl while it is hot (add sugar according to personal taste); Take two bowls of warming. Taking it for two or three days can effectively prevent colds.

8. Fungus food

Mushroom food is rich in protein, and contains iron, zinc, calcium and other trace elements, low in fat, and also contains essential amino acids and biologically active substances, which can regulate immunity and play an important role in maintaining human health.

Note: People who suffer from gastrointestinal disease and liver and kidney failure should not eat it often.


Steamed Egg with Porcini Mushrooms

Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 porcini mushroom

Method: 1. Wash and chop porcini mushrooms into minced pieces; 2. Break up the eggs, add a small amount of water and boletus edulis minced and steam until it is cooked over high heat.

Enoki mushroom tofu with minced meat and three fresh egg dumplings are also good diets.

9. Citrus

The vitamin C contained in citrus fruits can increase the body’s production of white blood cells and antibodies against infection, activate macrophages, B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes of the immune system, promote the formation of interferon, and prevent viruses from invading the human body. Therefore, eating more citrus fruits can also prevent colds.

Note: People with poor gastrointestinal function should eat less.


Only one citrus a day can meet the vitamin C that the human body needs for a day. It is a high-quality and inexpensive anti-cold weapon.

10. Garlic

Garlic is rich in antioxidant element selenium, which can reduce the damage of free radicals, and allicin in it can fight infection and bacteria. The results of experiments by British researchers show that eating garlic can reduce the chance of colds. Therefore, some garlic can be properly added in the daily cooking dishes.

Note: Patients with liver disease, eye disease, and non-bacterial diarrhea should not be taken.


Peel a piece of garlic and hold it in your mouth, bite occasionally, and slowly swallow the overflowing garlic flavor. If one piece of garlic is contained for half an hour to an hour, the itching of the throat can be relieved. The smell is not good, so bear with it. what!

Drink garlic rock sugar water at the beginning of a cold

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