What did Prince Harry And William Talk About at the Funeral

This Saturday was the funeral of Prince Philip and it was the long awaited reunion of brothers Harry and William. The whole world was waiting on how the Princes would behave. But as was obviously to be expected, everything happened normally, they even believe that there was a kind of “reconciliation” between siblings or it was simply being friendly given the situation.

Prince Harry and his brother Prince William were seen talking as they left the service, according to Express,

The brothers were seen together for the first time in over a year, as they walked behind the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin, before the funeral at Windsor Castle. Supposedly, the fact that they were later caught talking would mark the beginning of the end of a fight that has separated them since Harry renounced royalty and left with his wife and his son for the USA.

Prince William, 38, and Prince Harry, 36, did not walk side by side in the procession, among them was their cousin Peter Philip. During the ceremony they were not seen talking. Daily Mail claims that Prince Wiliam was the one who requested this, that his cousin be between him and Harry. Harry supposedly faced a lot of coldness over his interview with Oprah.

By the way, it was reported that Meghan Markle sent a wreath to the funeral, and it was even known “where it was specifically placed and that she had written a note by hand.” Something curious, because Palace did not give those details to the press, however, the media ended up talking about Meghan, for whichs he was accused of leaking information and using that to his benefit, that is, a ruse of PR! Meghan’s fans came out to defend her, of course, saying that “that attack on the Duchess was unfair because she was just trying to do something right.”