Maserati Levante 2.0 Officially Unveiled a 48V Diesel-Electric System

Maserati Levante 2.0, which appeared simultaneously at the Shanghai Auto Show and Maserati‘s global online premiere yesterday, invited the Maserati global brand ambassador-David. David Beckham and Italian pianist Dardust kicked off the online presentation. With the unveiling of Maserati’s first diesel-electric powered SUV, Maserati will continue to move towards electrification.

Levante 2.0 uses Maserati’s newly built 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine, with eBooster electronically controlled turbo and 48V light oil-electric system, outputting 330 horsepower and 450 Newton meters of power, allowing the new Levante 2.0 to be completed in just 6 seconds 0-100 km/h acceleration; moreover, it has a top speed performance of 240 km/h.

Compared to Levante V6 models, Levante 2.0 is lighter. Without reducing the accommodating space of the rear compartment, Maserati placed the battery design at the rear of the car to make the overall vehicle front and rear proportions more balanced, more flexible in driving, and more fun in driving.

The appearance of Levante 2.0, which was unveiled at the global conference, uses Azzurro Astro metal three-layer azure blue paint customized by Maserati’s new “luxury customized project Fuoriserie”. In terms of details, Levante 2.0 also has an innovative and unique appearance. The new GT nameplate is given to the fender on the side of the car, which symbolizes the spirit of Maserati. The azure blue tone symbolized by the new gasoline-electric power can also be seen on the heat dissipation fins, brake calipers, the new Trident logo on the C-pillar and the leather seat embroidery, again highlighting Maserati’s attention to detail design.