WhatsApp Fights the Hoaxes About the Coronavirus

WhatsApp messaging application became one of the main sources of disinformation about the situation of the coronavirus. It has even become one of the preferred spaces for cybercriminals to scam users using the Covid-19 as bait. With the aim of reversing the situation, the “app” is already focused on developing a new functionality aimed at fighting hoaxes within its environment.

As published by the specialized WhatsApp portal WABetaInfo, the function will allow users to have the option of searching the internet for received messages that seem suspicious or untrue. The option, called “search messages on the web” has appeared in the new beta for Android 2.20.94 of the application and could be executed with messages that have been forwarded frequently.

The tool, as you can see in the image, will appear in the interface and is shaped like a magnifying glass. In case the user clicks it, the application will ask if you want to search the message on Google to check if it contains false information. At the moment, it is unknown when it will be available on all devices.


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WhatsApp Fights the Hoaxes About the Coronavirus

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