Coinbase Provides Personal Information of Some Users to the British Tax Office

According to CoinDesk, Coinbase is providing personal information for some users in the UK to H.M. Revenue &Customs. It was found that the target users received an e-mail with this content on the 2nd . According to the e-mail, personal information is provided to users whose income exceeds £5,000 in the fiscal year 2019-2020. Regarding this, the British Revenue Service said, “We hope to help investors handle their tax duties accurately. At the same time, we expect taxpayers to meet their tax obligations accurately.” According to Coinbase, only 3% of UK users fall within the scope of this personal information provision. In addition, according to the British Tax Office, a number of cryptocurrency exchanges in addition to Coinbase are searching for users for tax evasion.

“We’re seeing big investors buying bitcoin and gold at similar rates as a store of value,” said Jason Urban Drawbridge Lending CEO, former Vice president of Goldman Sachs, in an interview with the media. He explained, “The rapidly changing global economic environment is creating demand for investment for new assets. These defense assets are playing a role of leverage amidst the financial uncertainty triggered by the Corona.” On the other hand, Vice President is usually translated as Vice President, but it is known that the actual position experienced in the company is lower than this.

Bloomberg, “the price correlation between bitcoin and stock prices is constantly rising,” and that “the claim that bitcoin is a risk aversion tool is irrelevant.” According to the media, the price of bitcoin fell 8.3% in September. This is the largest decline since the March crash. The S&P500 index fell 6% from its September high. In addition, Bitcoin’s 14-day relative strength index’, RSI shows 45. At the same time, the US stock market’s RSI hit 51. RSI is an indicator of the strength of the current stock price trend based on the fluctuations in the upside and downside of the stock price over a period of time.

According to DappRadar’s third quarter report, the Ethereum network transaction volume was estimated to be close to $119.5 billion. It surged 1200% compared to the previous quarter. The DeFi craze was analyzed as the background of transaction growth. Among the 13 blockchain networks that Dapp Radar provides data, Ethereum transactions accounted for 96%. At the same time, the share of Ethereum-based DeFi application services accounted for 99%.

According to YouTube, it was found that 50 BTC mined from the beginning of the bitcoin network in 2010 was transferred to the Bitfinex wallet. In this regard, opinions on whether it is the BTC owned by Satoshi Nakamoto came out around the community, but as a result of the analysis, no’Patoshi’ pattern was found in the BTC. Patoshi pattern refers to a specific nonce value pattern of blocks mined by Satoshi.

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