Who are the 10 Highest Paid İnfluencers in the World

How much does an influencer earn?

To answer this question, Blogmeter has drawn up, using its Social Influencer tool, a list of the top 10 most influenced Instagram influencers, a ranking resulting from an analysis carried out between December 12th 2017 and January 11th. 2018, based on price data shared by HopperHQ, a social media managing tool.

According to the list released by the company of social media intelligence, on the top step of the Top 10 there is Huda Kattan, beauty, influencer, who with 25.6 million followers on Instagram, where she posted about 9 content a day with an equal monthly engagement about 54 million users, earn about 18 thousand dollars with a sponsored post.

In second place, there is a young man influencer: Cameron Dallas whose cachet is equal to 17 thousand dollars per post. In third place, Jennifer Selter, fitness ‘star’, with 12 million followers and an engagement of 6.3 million Nash Grierusers, requires 15 thousand dollars for a sponsored image.

Nash Grier e and Zoe Sugg share the fourth place ($ 13,000), while in sixth place is the only Italian influencer in the standings: Chiara Ferragni, creator of The Blonde Salad brand. The partner of the rapper Fedez has a cost per post sponsored 12 thousand dollars, but on Instagram has available one of the best engagements in circulation, with over 40 million monthly users and 13 million followers.

The Top 10 Julie Sariñana (10 thousand dollars), Aimee Song (9 thousand dollars), Danielle Bernstein (7 thousand dollars) and Liz Eswein (6 thousand dollars)