Winter Depression: Ways to Overcome

German scientists once followed up and observed some depression patients who were ineffective in drug treatment, and asked them to exercise on a bicycle for half an hour every day, and then gradually increase the dose. After 10 days, the mood of most people has improved. This shows that exercise can provide effects that drugs cannot achieve.

Physical exercise can adjust the body’s autonomic functions, reduce tension, irritation, anxiety, depression and other states, and proper exercise can increase the concentration of brain endorphins, so that people can maintain a full mental state. According to the United Nations Health Organization, walking in a place with fresh air and plenty of sunlight has a good effect on preventing and treating winter depression. Fitness exercises such as yoga, running can all help relieve depression. The process of exercise can help people shift from paying attention to their own emotions to paying attention to their own body, so as to relax the body and balance the psychological and emotional effects.

For those with adventurous tendencies, you might as well try quiet sports like fishing, while those with extremely sensitive hearts should participate in badminton, basketball and other collective sports that require communication and cooperation with others, and exert team cohesion. Group exercise can be a good way to regulate emotions. It can improve the mood of participants and cultivate their lively, cheerful, and social personality. It is recommended to participate in a group exercise at least once a week, each lasting 30 minutes. Sports can stimulate the positive side of people’s hearts. Many trainers help people get out of depression by exploring the meaning of sports to people.

Two, sunbathing plus diet to adjust

The root cause of winter depression is that there is a gland called the pineal gland deep in the human brain, which secretes a hormone called “melatonin”, which affects the body’s biological clock, sleep rhythm and nervous system All have effects, and can make people feel depressed, drowsy, and slow in thinking.

Researchers have discovered that the pineal gland in the human body is very sensitive to sunlight, and it is connected to the eyes through nerve fibers. When the sun is irradiated, the pineal gland is inhibited by the sun and secrete less melatonin; on the contrary, when the intensity of the sun is reduced, the pineal gland is excited, and it secretes more melatonin. Therefore, it is recommended that people suffering from winter depression should go outdoors as much as possible to bask in the sun and engage in outdoor activities; indoor lights can be turned on 2 to 3 hours before going to bed to make the brightness close to natural daylight.

The climate is cold in winter, and people who are more sensitive to cold should take more foods with high calories, such as lamb, beef, and eggs, in addition to a balanced intake of vitamins. When you are depressed, you can eat some chocolate, drink some green tea, coffee, it can also excite your nerves and improve your mood.

3. The key to preventing and curing this disease is to increase sunlight exposure and outdoor activities.

1. Open windows frequently during the day to allow indoor air circulation. Office workers can take advantage of the lunch break to take a walk and walk backwards in a place with fresh air and sufficient sunlight. This can stimulate and massage the soles of the feet, and make the left and right hemispheres of the brain alternately excited and inhibited.

2. Often listen to relaxed and happy music, and participate in cultural and sports activities that can invigorate the spirit. Talk to your friends more, or read some healthy books to activate your emotions and thinking.

3. Pay attention to strengthening nutrition, improving the diet, and eating more high-calorie, brain-building foods, vegetables and fruits, such as meat, eggs, beans, bananas, citrus, chocolate, coffee and green tea. “Emotional supplements.”

4. Life is regular, work and rest on time, improve sleep quality.

5. Intentionally wearing some brightly colored clothes, such as red, yellow and white are good choices.


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