The Celebs Reveal which Perfumes they are Addicte

We all know what our favorite celeb brands are because we see them wearing them. Occasionally we are also exposed to their favorite grooming or makeup products, through questionnaires in fashion and women’s magazines or when their tight makeup and hair people reveal behind-the-scenes secrets. But what about how the celebs smell?

Since most of us will not get to share air with Hailey Bieber or Megan Merkel, we will probably never be able to branch them out, but several of them have revealed over the years what their favorite perfume is and Who What Wear magazine has summarized the results so you can at least get an idea. Next time you pop into the Pharm to sniff the sky, pay attention to the following recommendations.

Kim Kardashian has a brand of perfume, known as KKW, and it seems that every time she puts out a new fragrance, he is her favorite at that moment. But Kim did express a clear preference for floral and light scents in the past, and one of her favorite perfumes from her brand is Jasmine Air, created from a collaboration between the brand and floral expert Jeff Litham – a floral fragrance that combines vanilla, bulgarian rose and citrus.

Megan Merkel is also loyal to the brand, and in her case it’s Joe Mellon. She said in interviews that she is crazy about perfumes, so much so that if she accidentally forgot to spray one on herself, she would turn around and come home to go out again when she was fragrant. It has two favorite Joe Melon fragrances Wild Bluebell which combines aromas of bellflower, rose of the valley and persimmon, and the fragrance of the brand’s unique wood, sage and sea salt.

Hailey Bieber prefers her fragrance to unisex, which goes very well with her fashion sense. In fact, she first smelled her favorite perfume on a man, then decided to try it for herself. This is a perfume called West Side by the brand Bond no. 9, and is set to evoke memories of New York jazz clubs with notes of roses, peony, ylang ylang, amber and sandalwood.

Emma Stone prefers to smell feminine and light, so loves one of Chanel‘s most successful fragrancesChanel Gardenia. It is a light and sensual scent of flower nectar, jasmine and citrus blossom.



Victoria Beckham recently uploaded to Instagram a picture of the super chic bottle of her perfume – Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Room Service, a perfume inspired by Greta Garbo and supposed to ignite the imagination of the Hollywood actress waiting for room service in a luxury hotel. It features notes of citrus fruits, berries, bamboo, violets, black amber and sandalwood.


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