Zhongtian Earns 2.9 Yuan Per Share in August

Zhongtian  benefited from its 24% shareholding in Diamond Ventures, with its book profits shining brightly. With the investment interest recognized by the equity method, Zhongtian has since settled its August net profit of 1.138 billion yuan after tax and net profit per share of 2.9 The EPS for the first eight months of the year was RMB 6.47 to rewrite a record high.

Zhongtian’s stock price fluctuated sharply and was required by the competent authority to announce its profit. The company’s net profit per share in August was 2.9 yuan, and the cumulative net profit after tax in July and August was 650 million yuan, and the EPS was 1.65 yuan.

According to the legal person, Zhongtian had a revenue of 1.06 billion yuan in August, with an annual growth rate of 12.8%. From the perspective of the industry, the company’s profit mainly comes from the 72% shareholding of the cotton field. Although the cotton field has stable operation and can contribute tens of millions of dollars in profit every year, due to the loss of reinvestment, Zhongtian has been still In the embarrassment of a loss, and this year, due to the authorization of the new medicine of Heyi, Zhongtian has not only increased its share price, but also set a new sky price of 159.5 yuan on July 10, but also recognized income due to the equity method. , The cumulative EPS for the first eight months is as high as 6.47 yuan.

The legal person pointed out that Zhongtian’s main non-industry income comes from diamond venture capital, because the diamond biotechnology venture capital holds 25,225 pieces of one, 19,323 pieces of sugar base, 5,615 pieces of Shinyao, 4,424 pieces of Entro, etc. In the second quarter of this year, in the second quarter of this year, in the second quarter of this year, in the United States anti-allergic drug FB825 authorized an international manufacturer of 530 million US dollars, coupled with the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the four stocks soared, contributing up to 6.357 billion yuan in diamond biotechnology profits. While Zhongtian holds 24.38% of diamonds, the recognizable investment interest amounts to 1.55 billion yuan.

In addition, Zhongtian also holds 40,393 shares of Xinyao, holding 24% of the shares. In the second quarter, Zhongtian’s share price rose from 12.5 yuan to 75 yuan under the effect of “Heaven Yihui”. If the 1.55 billion yuan invested by diamonds is added, Zhongtian will make a total of 2.15 billion yuan, which is the profit and loss of Zhongtian for the quarter.

The legal person believes that after Heyi set a new sky-high price of 476.5 yuan and a new market value of 168.15 billion yuan on July 9, the stock price retreated, even with the loosening of the bargaining chip in biotech stocks, and the shrinking market value of diamonds, which caused Zhongtian to lose money in July. In August, due to the rise in Heyi’s stock price, Zhongtian made a huge profit of 2.9 yuan per share. However, whether the recognized non-industry income can be sustained depends on the stock price performance of Heyi and other stocks.


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