1000 Corona Vaccination doses are not Used

Around 1000 corona vaccination doses are not used because of problems with the cold chain. Eight nursing home employees were given an excessive dose of vaccine due to a mistake.

The British virus variant has now been detected in eleven Dutch people. This has been shown by random samples in laboratory tests, as Health Minister Hugo de Jonge announced to the parliament in The Hague. Of the eleven infected people, five live in the Amsterdam region and five in Rotterdam. One person comes from Nijmegen in the east on the German border, she had only recently been to England.

The virus variant was first detected in the Netherlands last week. The minister announced further investigations into the spread of this very contagious virus mutation.

Vaccination doses with a dubious cold chain are not used

Contrary to other announcements, the breakdown vaccine from the first delivery in Upper Franconia is not used in Bavaria. 1000 cans remain in the depot, as a spokesman for the Lichtenfels district office confirmed to the dpa news agency. All of the district administrators in Upper Franconia that were affected by the breakdown in the cold chain had jointly decided on this, and a corresponding declaration was being prepared.

Only in the city and district of Bamberg there were no corresponding problems. “From a technical point of view, the vaccine is assessed as definitely vaccinable,” explained the spokesman for the district office. However, those responsible wanted to dispel any doubts and offer the population a one hundred percent flawless vaccine.

At the start of the nationwide vaccination campaign yesterday there were problems with the cooling in Upper Franconia – the vaccine has to be frozen at extreme temperatures of around minus 70 degrees Celsius. As the government of Upper Franconia announced, the manufacturing company Biontech had nevertheless confirmed the quality of the vaccination doses after a check and released the doses. According to the information, the units should still be used in the course of Monday, especially in old people’s and nursing homes.

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