Stage of “Social Distancing”

This year, everyone was stuck at home and spent a lot of time alone. How to show a more critical attitude toward others when humans are lonely. The key is to pay attention to the words and actions so that the long relationship does not break after driving the other person with a momentary emotion.

1. Understand your feelings = Acknowledge the discomfort you feel toward an inattentive person, such as snooping at the food you ordered at a restaurant saying’I want to taste it once’. Concealing and suppressing these feelings can one day explode in a direction you don’t control.

2. Ask a question = It is impatient to start scolding in the wind after seeing a picture of attending a noisy year-end party through Instagram. The first thing to ask is what kind of situation it was at the time.

3. Empathize = Would you like to hang out with you? In the sense of keeping social distancing, they can only restrain their actions, but they may have the same desires. Looking inside yourself is a shortcut to preventing hypocrisy, reducing critical thinking, and building empathy.

4. Avoid personal attacks = Avoid openly criticizing others’ lifestyles. Talk to each other by suggesting a comfortable way to meet each other, such as outdoor walks and video chats.

5. Maintain a resolute attitude = Making fun of your savvy attitude around does not mean that your efforts to prevent infection are wrong. Observe the boundaries of your distance.

6. Plan the future = Even if you can’t meet now, plan things you want to do with your friends, such as travel or hobbies after the end of the coronavirus. Hope for the future helps to build a strong relationship.

The Corona Era has reminded us that we need “more connections,” not “breakdowns.” I remember that we cherish our ties with people close to us, and that our efforts to build bonds are more urgent than ever.

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