4 Ways to Calm your Mind

Is the desk complicated with all kinds of work?
Do you look at the computer all day?
Practice looking at beautiful scenes from time to time.

Look at from window

If it is hard to find nature on the beach or in the mountains
Take a rooftop or an apartment veranda and look down on the street.
Blue sky, dove of park, flower of flower bed, crescent moon … .
Looking at the hidden beauty of the world
The mind becomes calm.

What is your favorite sound?

Transferred to the body
Customize your favorite music.
Not only music, but wind, laughter, mother’s voice,
The sound of the train also makes your mind peaceful.
It is good to hear the silence in a quiet empty room.

The smell reminiscent of memories

The cranial nerves that accept the olfactory sense are close to the memory storage cells.
That is, smell leads to memory and emotion.
It reminds me of my mother in the smell of food.
This is why the mind is comfortable.

Coffee smell, fruit smell, book smell … .
The odor that you can carry around
You can find out what you like and enjoy.

A cup of tea

Like a cup of tea when you get angry or depressed
Delicious foods relieve stress.