5G smartphone Battery Safety

LG Electronics recently surveyed 1,000 smartphone users in Korea and the United States, and found that 65.3% (multiple responses) of the 5G smartphones were the most common cause of battery consumption, according to LG Electronics.

Followed by heat problems (44.6%), performance and stability (43%), sensitivity and durability (30.9%) and rugged design (19.4%).

LG Electronics said, “The core of the 5G-only smart phone is that it has secured system stability based on battery and heat dissipation devices that are better than the existing ones.” “The design also has a thin and light appearance, Homework “.

74% of respondents said they would “expect” 5G services. 20.9% said ‘normal’ and 5.1% said ‘not expecting’.

LG Electronics plans to supply full-fledged 5G-only smartphones starting from high-demand markets such as Korea, the US and Europe this year.

Strategic Analytics (SA), a market research firm, forecasts that the smartphone market will return to growth in 2023 with the introduction of 5G-specific handsets dominated by the premium market this year.

“We will continue to lead the 5G smartphone market by introducing high-quality products that customers want based on solid foundation and stability,” said Ma Changmin, head of MC Product Strategy Group, MC Business Division.


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