Release of Prototype for 5G Smartphone

Smart phones that support 5G mobile communication have begun to appear. Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Huawei, HTC, and One Plus, are among the top global smartphone shipments in the first half of next year.

It is noteworthy that the 5G communication technology has reached the level of showing the concept terminals of the external appearance which is not much different from the current LTE smartphone that can be held in one hand from the demonstration terminal of the size of the automobile 4 -5 years ago.

According to the related industry on May 5, prototypes of smart phones equipped with 5G communication modem chips have begun to be produced, and domestic mobile carriers plan to conduct network interworking tests prior to the official announcement of the manufacturers.

US telecom companies, which are fiercely competing in domestic and 5G preemption, announce plans to launch 5G smartphone through announcement of partnership with domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Verizon recently announced that it will launch the Samsung Electronics 5G smartphone in the first half of next year. Verizon also launched commercial 5G fixed-line communications service for home use through Samsung’s 5G network equipment. It means that we will not miss the 5G communication initiative while continuing our partnership with equipment.

Immediately after Verizon’s announcement, Qualcomm unveiled its 5G smartphone concept model based on its X50 5G NR modem with Samsung Electronics.

In addition to Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and HTC have entered into a partnership relationship with US carrier Sprint and 5G smartphone and plan to commercialize it in the first half of next year.

In addition, Huawei has taken the lead in global smartphone market shipment and announced that it will release 5G smartphone as a folder-type device.

The three domestic telcos will launch the 5G mobile phone service at the same time with the 5G model of the Galaxy S10 in March next year.

In fact, Samsung Electronics’ 5G demonstration smartphone was introduced in Korea before Qualcomm unveiled its Galaxy 5G concept model with its modem chip.

SK Telecom launched the first 5G video call with prototype of 5G smartphone of Samsung Electronics on the 1st of the day when 5G commercial service through mobile router was launched. The company also announced its smartphone, which can be used for video calls, and announced its full-fledged launch.

An official of the company said, “Although general consumers may feel that 5G smartphone is still far away, many manufacturers are planning to launch 5G smartphones competitively.

Hülya Karahan:The Founder