89% of Ecuadorians Want their Own Business After Facing Sexism

According to a survey, 72% of women aspire to open their own independent business. That percentage grows when taking into account only Ecuadorians, the data indicates that 89% of them want to have a business.

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These are just some of the results generated by a survey carried out by the market research company OnePoll, in which 9000 women from 15 countries worldwide participated, as part of an initiative of the Herbalife Nutrition company.

Using the data obtained, OnePoll analyzed the challenges that women face in their workplaces and what are the objectives they pursue when starting their own business.

Globally, the survey reveals that the most important motivation to start a business is “being your own boss” (61%). This factor is desired by 76% of women in Ecuador, 65% seek to be the support of their family and 47% want to follow a passion.

In our country, in addition, 85% of young women are motivated to become a role model, while 66% look for their own business due to unfair treatment in previous job roles.

“The survey delves into unfair treatment and found that, globally, women have experienced challenges in being able to succeed in the workplace when compared to their male colleagues. In Ecuador it was revealed that this includes fewer opportunities for promotions ( 37%) and lack of fair salary (38%) “, the text of the investigation is indicated.

Another reality that was evident in the results of the survey is that 52% of the respondents postponed motherhood as they considered that it would negatively affect their careers. A little more than half of that percentage experienced discrimination at some point for being in this condition.

Also in the workplace, it is observed that 48% believe that unfairly it was not taken into account for a salary increase or promotion due to a gender issue, of this figure, the average of those surveyed lived it on three different opportunities.

60% of respondents believe that women should do twice as much to get the same opportunities as men in the workplace. For this reason they analyze entrepreneurship as an option to get ahead.

Gender gap in the region narrows, but progress in Ecuador is slow
According to the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship survey, the top three challenges when it comes to entrepreneurship are related to money, having a sufficient budget to grow (64%), earning enough to offset costs (56%), and financing your business to long-term (53%). This concern about money was echoed in last year’s survey when women reported that the most challenging aspect was financing their business (58%). (I)

Problems that Ecuadorians faced in their workplaces:
Sexual harassment / sexism in the workplace 44%
Lack of equitable salary 39%
Fewer opportunities for promotion compared to male colleagues 37%
They are not taken seriously by their bosses / colleagues 37%
They are expected to take care of their children first, in addition to working 34%
Pregnancy discrimination 33%
Lack of women in leadership / management positions 31%
Lack of female role models 29%
Exclusion of male dominated fields 20%
Racism and ethnic discrimination 16%
Reasons for seeking to undertake in Ecuador:
Being my own boss 71%
Potential to increase income 66%
Ability to provide better support to own family 63%
Flexibility between work life / private life 58%
Higher job satisfaction 57%
Have more time with family 56%
Believe in the work you do / product you create 49%
Ability to follow your passion 44%
Potential to earn what you consider deserved 41%
Have an impact on society / community; a purpose 37%

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89% of Ecuadorians Want their Own Business,m After Facing Sexism.According to a survey, 72% of women aspire to open their own independent business.

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