9 Tips to Buy Your Cheapest Shoes

Does quality always rhyme with unlimited budget?

This is an interesting question when you do not want to spend too much money on the purchase of your shoes.

In other words, to find your shoes cheaper. Spontaneously, I will answer you yes, without a doubt! A quality shoe has a price, for many reasons. When you know all the steps of making a good shoe, and the quality materials used, it is normal to have to put the price (that is to say more than 100 euros per pair, if not 150 to 200 euros). But rest assured, quality also rhymes with longevity. A well chosen shoe will be  for a long time in your wardrobe, even if you wear it often.

Women are often cracks and we are ready to put the price when we have a crush. It’s emotional, it’s like that! For my part, I treat myself, but it happens to me of course still cracking from time to time. It feels good, the whole thing is to remain reasonable because nothing serves to accumulate. Be sure to wear all the pairs of shoes you have in your wardrobe.

That said, it is still possible to find quality shoes at a reasonable price, thanks to some tips and great deals. By dint of buying while wishing to pay attention to my budget, I developed automatisms to spend less and to find bargains. So I myself have already experienced and they allowed me to save money on my shoe budget. They are tested and approved! And they will automatically do good to your wallet.


Here are my 12 tips (you read correctly, I propose 12!) To buy your shoes cheaper & learn to tame your bank card.

1) Vintage shops

If you love to hunt, some vintage shops are bursting with treasures at affordable prices. The models you will find will have in addition an original look and will give a special touch to your outfits.

Be careful to look closely at the materials of the model on which you are flashing. If you are lucky enough to come across a pair of leather for the upper and insole, go for it, you will not be disappointed. If this information is no longer on the shoe itself, do not hesitate to ask the person who manages the shop. They are often passionate people who know the things they sell.

2) The ebay site

On ebay, you can find ads of shops that resell new models of cheaper old collections or individuals who resell their shoes in second hand. Make sure, if it is an individual, that the shoe is in good condition. Ask for detailed photos of the model (upper, insole, outsole) before buying and do not hesitate to ask specific questions to the seller: are the shoes in very good condition? How many times have they been worn? When did you buy them? ect … Do not be afraid to ask for this information, it will avoid you unpleasant surprises (having to return the pair of shoes to the sender or resold yourself if the return is not accepted).
Overall, do not be afraid to make an offer and negotiate the first price listed if it is not an immediate purchase.

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3) The site of private sales 

As for ebay, the site of private sale 2ememain.be can surprise you if you take the time to do research regularly. Do not hesitate to make an offer below the price indicated to negotiate an attractive price. The sellers are often ready to go down the mentioned price, this is part of the game. And if the seller refuses it, he makes it clear in his ad. You know then that any negotiation would be a waste of time.
Again, questions are welcome to assure you of the quality and condition of the coveted pair of shoes.

4) Amazon

I was looking for a great pair of camel suede thigh boots on Pinterest. After some research, it turned out to be an American brand not sold in Europe. As always when I spot a crush, I did not let go of the song. The pair was not found on the US site (and even not available in Europe). So I went for a ride on Amazon. What was my surprise to find a completely similar model of the brand in question. Only the color was slightly different. But it suited me as well. To avoid spoiling, there was a really interesting rebate. This often happens on old models or on models of which there is little stock to sell. You just have to check that the item is deliverable in your country. Be careful, this is not always the case and you may be disappointed.

5) The private Facebook group of his favorite brand

I experiment this channel recently with the brand Sezane, and it’s pretty cool too. Not only can you find reviews from other individuals who buy the same brand as you, but you can also discover by albums (sizes and sizes are classified, which is very convenient) the different shoes and clothes on sale. If you come across the desired model at the right size, just contact the seller and negotiate the price and any shipping costs. If the page manager does his job well, the search is easy and convenient. Long live Facebook for this kind of purchase!
Something to find these groups: just type the name of your favorite brand in the search, the powerful engine of Facebook will do the rest and offer you all related groups, including those dedicated to fans when there are.

6) Private sales of favorite brands

At first I am very wary of private sales on the internet. Trademarks often recreate models whose materials used are of lower quality, which allows them to sell the same item cheaper. Article identical in appearance therefore since the materials are not the same as those of the original model. Nevertheless, it is possible to register for private sales of small creators who take advantage of the internet to make themselves known and who guarantee that the models offered a little cheaper for a limited period are the starting models and a identical quality.


7) Sales on the internet

No secret in itself, the sales period is also good for shoes sold online. Be careful to read the details about the composition of the models you want to buy remotely. Again, leather and more leather if you are looking for quality. I have already spoken to you often. Who says remote purchase, also says more risky purchase since you will not be able to try the pair of shoes spotted. Speaking of tracking, there is something that I find interesting to test: go try shoes in a store to see if they please you and if you are comfortable in it. Do not buy them immediately and wait to do some research on the internet to find the same model, but at a price often more interesting. Either during sales or at any time because it is regularly possible to find a pair of shoes at a better price online.
And if you still can not try on your future shoes, make sure you order them online for free returns and refunds (not in cash).


8) Premium brands of large chains

And yes, the big chains are also launched in the premium, in other words more qualitative models at reasonable prices since they are big chains. There is often a dedicated area on their website, and you can find all the information about the materials used (choose leather, suede or nubuck again). I have already experimented once or twice with the premium space of the H & M brand. I was not disappointed about the quality (of their suede leather thigh boots for example). Obviously nothing is perfect and as regards the ethics of how these models are created, these big brands can unfortunately get dressed. I advise you to buy a real favorite or your favorite parts with a lot of parsimony.

9) Some foreign sites

As for Amazon, some overseas sales sites deliver to Belgium and France. You will have the pleasure of being able to wear shoes of brands not found in your usual stores. Make sure, however, that there is a warranty on shipping and delivery. When there are hundreds or even thousands of miles to go for your coveted pair, it is not uncommon for orders to be lost en route. They arrive by truck or cargo plane, which lengthens the waiting time and can of course cause losses, just as for your luggage when you travel.