“Abigan” Requested from Nearly 80 Countries

Is there a drug that is effective against the new coronavirus?

A number of existing drugs have been tried to administer to patients, but the new influenza drug “Abigan” is attracting high expectations. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also touched on the effectiveness at a press conference, the government promoted stockpiling and increased production, and decided to provide to dozens of countries overseas. However, in Japan, clinical trials to confirm efficacy against novel coronavirus and patient safety have not been completed, and not all desired patients will be administered.

Abigan” Requested from nearly 80 countries Foreign Minister Mogi  said.

New influenza drug “Abigan” provided by Fujifilm Toyama Chemical

Foreign Minister Satoshi Mogi revealed at the House of Representatives Budget Committee on 30th that nearly 80 countries have been requested to provide the domestically produced new influenza drug “Abigan“, which is expected to be effective as a treatment for new coronavirus infections. I chose The government is providing free of charge to the countries that it wants, and as of 30 days, it has already adjusted the supply to 39 countries.

Mogi said, “I have telephone and video talks with foreign ministers from around the world, but frankly I have a great interest in Avigan.” Regarding the development of therapeutic drugs, he emphasized that “the public and private sectors are strengthening their efforts and international cooperation is being promoted, and we would like to firmly publicize the attitude and outcomes of Japan.”

Is there a drug that is effective against the new coronavirus?

Avigan is a new influenza drug developed by Fujifilm Toyama Kagaku (Tokyo) and Vice President Kimiyasu Shiraki / Kenran Senri. In March 2014, domestic manufacturing and sales were approved.

Influenza viruses are called RNA viruses that carry genetic information in the form of RNA (ribonucleic acid) rather than DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The virus that has entered the cell copies RNA and proliferates. Avigan has a structure similar to the “part” required for RNA growth, and if Avigan is mistakenly taken as a part and RNA is unable to copy, growth stops.

Since the new coronavirus is also an RNA virus, similar effects are expected. In China, clinical studies have been conducted in Shenzhen and Wuhan cities and confirmed to be effective. In a trial of 80 patients in a Shenzhen city hospital, only 62% of those who did not receive Avigan improved, whereas 91% did.

Abigan is a remedy for pandemic influenza in the first place, and its use for pandemic coronavirus  FUJIFILM will started clinical trials from March 31, and will finish it by the end of June. After that, it will become widely usable only after application and approval procedures, but there are various theories when it actually starts to be used from “a few months” to “one or two years ahead”.

However, it is said that abigan may cause malformation of the fetus when administered to pregnant women, and approval of manufacturing and marketing in Japan is approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare if new influenza is prevalent and there is no other cure. It was conditional that it could be manufactured only after receiving the request of. Although it is not a new strain of influenza this time, the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare requested it and started manufacturing in early March. FUJIFILM decided to increase production on April 15 and aims to produce about 300,000 people per month in September. In addition to aiming to stockpile 2 million people, the government has also announced the provision of overseas supplies and has taken a big step toward utilizing them.




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Abigan” Requested from nearly 80 countries Foreign Minister Mogi  said.

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