L’Oreal Sales Increased 16% in 2021

Last year, L’Oreal saw sales growth of 16.1 percent compared to the figure for 2020. The result benefited from a better dynamism in the North American market. According to the company, this region and Asia were the main contributors to the company’s growth.

Meanwhile, in Europe there was a return to its 2019 levels; while in Latin America they affirmed that they had a solid performance. “The group achieved a record growth of 16.1 percent, double that of the global market for beauty products. L’Oreal gained market share in all zones, divisions and categories.

In two years the group achieved a growth of 11.3 percent, in the comparison between equals, spectacularly outperforming a market that has almost returned to the levels of 2019”, said Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO of the company. He argued that L’Oreal Luxe became the largest division in the group with notable success from fragrances while the consumer products division, the division with the highest volume, strengthened its position with notable performance from makeup. “The fast-growing division of professional products continued its far-reaching transformation and became truly omnichannel. With a portfolio of brands perfectly matching customers’ health aspirations, the active cosmetics division also achieved spectacular growth, doubling in four years,” he noted.

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Last year, L'Oreal saw sales growth of 16.1 percent compared to the figure for 2020.

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