Airbus Signs Agreement with Turkish Airlines on Potential A350 Orders …

Airbus Chief Executive Tom Enders signed a non-binding agreement with Turkish Airlines on a potential order for 25 A350-900 aircraft, during an official visit by Turkish president Tayyip Erdoğan in Paris on Friday.

Turkish Airlines, one of the world’s fastest-growing carriers, is a major customer of both Airbus and its U.S. rival Boeing.

State-owned Turkish Airlines is one of a handful of carriers whose dealings with plane-makers tend to accelerate around major diplomatic events.

In September, it signed a surprise provisional order for 40 Boeing 787-9 planes while Erdoğan was in New York for the UN General Assembly.

The tentative Airbus deal was inked during a ceremony attended by Erdoğan and his host, French President Emmanuel Macron. Turkish Airlines confirmed in a subsequent statement that it had begun negotiations with Airbus on the plane deal.