Amazon Go Enters London The First Overseas Branch Opened This Week

In the early years, it has been reported that e-commerce giant Amazon (Amazon) will accelerate the expansion of its unmanned store Amazon Go, intending to open a new store in London, becoming the first base outside the United States. According to foreign news reports, Amazon finally opened its first unmanned store in London, Amazon Fresh, which opened on Thursday.

The unmanned supermarket Amazon Go in the United States uses its own self-developed automated checkout system for unmanned cashiers, and the branch set up by Amazon in the Ealing area of London is called Amazon Fresh, covering an area of about 2,500 square feet, and is also unmanned. Mode of operation.

The operation of the Amazon Fresh branch is to track consumers in the store through a series of cameras and sensors. They can remove the goods from the shelf and automatically debit the credit card after leaving the store to complete the purchase. During the process, there is no need to rely on the cashier to scan the barcodes one by one for checkout.

In addition, Amazon has also introduced a new in-house food brand “by Amazon” in the UK and will sell it in this unmanned store for the first time.

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