Angela Merkel: Pandemic will Consolidate the Economic Domination of Asia

The coronavirus pandemic will tip the balance of the global economy even further towards Asia, Angela Merkel said on Tuesday as Germany plans to launch its first vaccination campaign by January.

“The pandemic will make us retreat economically,” said the German Chancellor during a digital summit organized by the government. In particular, she stressed that countries like China and South Korea would benefit from an easier economic recovery, as the people of these two countries had easily accepted the wearing of masks and the restrictions.

Last month, German police forces used water cannons and pepper spray to disperse thousands of opponents who came to protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions.

“I think this will lead once again to a new hierarchy of regions,” added Merkel, adding that Germany should do everything possible to stay in the race technologically.

Germany, which successfully battled the first epidemic wave of spring, imposed lighter containment measures than its neighbors despite a strong comeback of the virus in November.

According to the country’s official figures, 13,604 new cases of contamination and 388 additional deaths were reported on Tuesday, for a total of 1,067,473 infections and 16,636 deaths.

The European Medicines Agency said earlier today that it plans to decide on the approval of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech by December 29 and that of Moderna by January 12.

“I guess we can start vaccinating no later than January,” German Health Minister Jens Spahn commented on an online forum.

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