Anna Laudel Reopens on Tuesday, June 9th with the Extensive Solo Show

After COVID-19 hiat us, Anna Laudel reopens on Tuesday, June 9th with the extensive solo show entitled “Posthumous” by contemporary miniature artist. The exhibition is based on the idea of humankind’s need to act and think differently around the concept of “togetherness”. With the exhibition and its name, Posthumous,meaning “afterlife” in Latin, Kuran reminds the audience that we must be together while still alive, be more sensitive than before and have to learn new things.

Underlining the importance of being together and united as the world shrinks and as the resources are gradually running out, Kuran deepens the possibilities of the mind, the connections between objects and people, and the boundaries of the image. With this understanding, the artist has been working, producing, reproducing and looking for ways to spread collective consciousness with young people in recent years, without any commercial concern. Reaching “Posthumous” Through Three Phases “Posthumous” is located on three floors of the gallery, consisting of three phases; Camel, Lion, and Child. Calling out from the third and last phase, which is the space of innocent children, Kuran emphasizes the importance of being together without any distinction between good and evil, but only focusing on the positive or negative. Initial Phase: Camel In the first phase; the existential burden that we carry on our back, including fear, loneliness, death, knowledge, and experience are highlighted. The artist underlines this heavy burden that we feel and our obedience to the system in order to be a part of the society. Second Phase: Lion In the second phase, the artist focused on the impossibility of freedom without breaking down the existing values and the obstacles. At this point, the artist investigates the importance of sharing our inner knowledge and impulsive feelings with other people. Final Phase: Child The last phase is a playground of innocent children, who do not have any experience yet or have to deal with the system. Showcasing new works, as well as the recent ones, the artist invites the audience to see the colours which we are not familiar with, to hear the sounds that we haven’t heard before and to notice different senses. The exhibition includes a selection of Kuran’s works from different disciplines including painting, sculpture, installation, textile, neon, wood, and ceramics, as well as a wall painting, which will be coloured and developed with the participation of visitors.

Mehmet Sinan Kuran’s solo exhibition “Posthumous” can be seen at Anna Laudel until 29 August 2020. Anna Laudel will accept visitors by appointment as part of  Mehmet Sinan Kuran Born in 1964, the self-taught painter Mehmet Sinan Kuran began his art career by sketching on journals. Internally driven, and emotionally charged, Mehmet Sinan Kuran’s original miniature sketches have been described as ‘’complex yet uplifting’’ paintings. ‘’I have been drawing every single thought in my head‘’ says Kuran. He made art all throughout his life until finally he gathered the pieces of his collective consciousness and streamed them onto his works, creating his genuine style. The artist’s innate talent fuelled by the tradition of Hieronymus Bosch, speaks wildly in his electric colours, illustrating the visionary madness of his inner world. Kuran’s works are in private museums and collections. About Anna Laudel Founded by Anna Laudel with the aim of supporting the work of Turkish and international artists, the gallery is dedicated to support artists by providing a prominent contemporary exhibition platform and by developing a greater understanding of contemporary art. Anna Laudel also aims to represent Turkish artists at the international art scene by showcasing latest artworks at leading international art fairs. Following its first location in Istanbul’s old finance district of the late Ottoman Empire in Karaköy, Anna Laudel opened its second gallery in Düsseldorf-Germany in 2019 to expand more internationally. Directed by Ferhat Yeter, both galleries host solo and group exhibitions by artists from Turkey and beyond.

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