Antonio Banderas Accidentlly A Perfume Entrepreneur

Antonio Banderas , says that his interest in perfumes, at least as an entrepreneur, was born by accident. The business seemed cold, dry; He did not look on that wave. But a reunion with childhood friends made him change his mind. It was they who proposed to create fragrances with his name. He hesitated at first, but then realized that this world could be creative and curious and could even invent his own ways. Twenty years have passed since that adventure.

The success of the perfumes of the famous Spanish actor and part of the star system of Hollywood is such that its fragrances are commercialized in 95 countries and show astronomical figures that reach 100 million euros. The multinational Puig, with which Banderas works in this segment, celebrated the anniversary last July with a film display: a party (attended by Carousel) at the Banderas summer house in Marbella, which was attended by more than 100 journalists from the United States, Latin America, Russia and Poland and stars like the actresses Paz Vega and Olga Kurylenko.


To create the concept of his perfumes, Banderas works with Gregorio Sola, Puig’s perfumer who is behind the actor’s fragrances. It is he who shapes their requirements and tries to interpret, in the form of smells, the stages that Banderas goes through and what he wants to communicate. We talk to him.

How do you create a perfumer?

That of perfumer is a long-term career in which he does not stop learning. Every day something new is discovered. There are several perfume schools (Isipca, ESP), and after passing the selection and taking the courses, one leaves as a junior perfumer. Unofficially (varies according to the perfume house), for 5 years you are a junior perfumer, then you become a perfumer, and after 10-15 years you become a senior perfumer. Subsequently, if the success and trajectory are sufficiently broad, then your company appoints you master perfumer. A perfumer is formed by smelling, smelling and smelling.

Why use perfume?
Perfume is a complement to our personality that olfactoryly transmits what we are and how we are. The combination of the perfume and our skin creates a unique aroma that is associated with us.

Three keys to avoid mistakes when choosing a fragrance.
Do not try to smell more than four perfumes at a time.
Before deciding, wear it on your skin and ask the people around you if they like how it smells.
Choose according to personality and style.

Why are more and more women inclined to wear male perfumes?
The male perfumes have, in general, a lot of persistence and power, with a more marked character. There are women who want to have among their perfumes something with more personality to smell more. A clear example of this phenomenon is Blue Seduction, which women like a lot.

Any recommendations for the perfume to last all day?
Applying ‘body milk’ along with the perfume will help prolong the duration.

What is it like to be a perfumer with Antonio Banderas?
The perfumer must transform the different facets and aspects of Antonio into scents. For this it is very important to listen to it, observe it and adapt each of its qualities to the project. Antonio is the beginning and the end of each perfume.

What is the perfume of Antonio Banderas that has been most successful and why?
Practically, all of Antonio’s perfumes have been successful; They are perfumes very worked, made with much love and patience, looking for detail and excellence. Perhaps the most successful is Blue Seduction, which combines an intense freshness with the lasting sensuality of woods and musk.